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Charts: E-commerce within the UK

Confidential intelligence projects UK e-commerce retail sales are expected to decline by 0.6% in 2023, resulting in a reduced share of total retail sales of 32.0%. This is down from a high of 37.6% in 2021.

Amazon.co.uk secured the top position in UK e-commerce in 2022 with net sales of $15.36 billion, followed by Sainsburys.co.uk with sales of $7.59 billion. Tesco.com took third place with net sales of $7.16 billion.

It is according to Statistawhich defines e-commerce as the sale of physical goods via a digital channel to a private end-user.

According to Insider Intelligence (formerly eMarketer), China will remain the world’s largest e-commerce market in 2023, followed by the United States. The UK will rank third with total annual e-commerce revenues in 2023 of $196 billion.

According to Semrushin September 2023, Amazon.co.uk was the most visited retail website in the UK, with almost 412.93 million visits per month. In second place was ebay.co.uk with 176.08 million visits, and Argos.co.uk with 43.45 million visits.

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